Development and production for
precision punching and -
bending solutions


Our portfolio ranges from plug-in contacts and press-fit zones to stamped grids and busbars as well as all conceivable assembly, welding and packaging parts in material thicknesses from 0.05mm to 5mm. Multiple drop tools with up to 1400 strokes/min. ensure the necessary quality and efficiency of our processes.


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Active markets


Electrical/ Electronics Industry and Consumer goods industry

We focus on metal-based contact connections and also offer highly competitive solutions for solar and high-voltage applications. Our customers include well-known companies such as Huawei or Minebea.

Mobility market

Hoffmann GmbH has been successfully active in the automotive industry for over 40 years . Traditionally, we supply our customers with stamped, bent and deep-drawn parts, but increasingly also with subsystem solutions such as stator/rotor packages or thermal system solutions such as heat exchanger systems or battery subsystems. Our largest customers worldwide include Tier 1 suppliers such as Bosch, Mahle and Quarder.

Medicine Market

In the medical industry, we are active in the field of endoscopy. Thanks to our expertise in high-precision metalworking, we see further growth potential here.

Development partner

Zehnder + Summer

In the area of die packaging, we rely, among other things, on technology from Z+S. By exchanging know-how and experience, we can ensure efficient and safe processes for our customers.


We have a long-standing development partnership with Robert Bosch GmbH in the areas of stamping and bending technology as well as punching packaging. Together, we develop innovative tooling technologies to efficiently manufacture sophisticated products.


Innovative feeding and automation solutions are our common goal with our partner in automation. The focus is on developing solutions that are as simple and efficient as possible.


In the area of process data management, we focus on the cooperation with the company Unidor. Also in the course of Industry 4.0, the management of data is essential to create transparency for faster problem solving and prediction of events.

Hoffmann News

Measures in dealing with COVID-19

Learn more about our actions on the current Covid19 story here.

In order to contain the rising incidence of infection, the following measures are being taken, taking into account authority guidelines:

Appointments with customers and suppliers only take place here at Hoffmann under the applicable 3G regulations. Access is currently only possible with valid proof of identity. Business trips by our sales staff are avoided as far as possible. We are increasingly relying on communication by telephone and e-mail to minimize the risk of infection.

All developments are monitored on a daily basis and we are in constant dialog with our employees to register concerns, questions or any illnesses that may arise. Up-to-date information on rules of conduct and prevention against COVID-19 can be viewed in many places at Hoffmann. Attention is paid to consistent implementation of the 3G rule in the workplace.

Quality that wins worldwide

Read the article from the trade magazine Stamper, issue 2021.
Founded in 1978, the company is now in its second
generation and has proven itself in the development
and design of complex solutions in the fields of
in the fields of precision stamping and bending technology.
as a force to be reckoned with in the automotive, electronics and
medical technology industry ...