Based on the Lean philosophy.

The Hoffmann Group always strives for continuous improvement, maximum efficiency and perfect quality. Short lead times enable us to ensure modern and lean production at all our sites.

Core competencies

The quality of an idea consists in its realization. State-of-the-art high-performance automatic stamping machines with a tonnage of 250 - 2500KN bring our stamped parts from the automotive, engine-generator technology and alternative mobility sectors into the specification required by the customer.
We work at speeds of up to 1400 strokes/min with sheet thicknesses of 0.05 - 5.00mm.

Here we rely on machines from Bruderer AG, Haulick & Roos GmbH, Otto Bihler Maschinenfabrik GmbH and Ebu Umformtechnik GmbH.


P.A Automation GmbH

Bruderer AG

TRsystems, Unidor system area


ABB Robotics


Our claim is the zero-defect strategy in the entire product development process. To prevent defects, we work with highly qualified personnel and modern process control systems, such as piezo technology, in-line camera (100% inspection) and good/bad parts switch.


In the field of punching technology, we also focus on automation with internal competence and reliable suppliers. Whether fully or partially automated, always adapted to customer requirements.

Automatic punching press

In order to produce about 1 billion punched parts per year with uniform precision, we are equipped with state-of-the-art machinery. Our automatic punching machines have a table length of up to 2500mm, with a strip width of 300mm.


We are becoming smart and are ready for networking. Secure recording of our machine data creates new opportunities to make our production processes more efficient. To produce stamped parts sustainably and in a way that conserves resources, we rely on mobile plant guidance systems.

Annual volumes I billion parts/year

Piece numbers





3D Measuring machine

Automatic measurements

QSV Connections


Bulk material cleaning

Belt cleaning


In-line testing

100% Camera

Partial switch

Feed control

Ejection controls

Welded parts recognition

Eddy current





ABB Robotics









Fully automatic part placement

In line camera testing for 100% quality

Stamped parts ready for packaging stacked for delivery

Development partner for all parts can be integrated into the stamping process. Automation solutions in the stamping process. Open for new.


Integrated CAD system


QSV Cut parts


Installation space

Networking the machine


ROP 1600

BSTA 500

Strokes up to 1400

BSTA 700 (2mm table)

BSTA 250

Bihler GRM

BSTA 300

BSTA 810-145


Mat. Supplier




Tata Steel





Mineral oils

Fine lubricant

Stainless steel

Special alloys

Thickness from 0.05 to 4



Electrical steel strip

Non-ferrous metals

Spring steel



Tooling Technologies

Quality that pays off.

The ever-increasing demands on stamped products in terms of precision, cleanliness, price and complexity require well thought-out concepts starting with the customer inquiry and ending with the goods issue.

The Hoffmann technology team will work with you - if desired - to develop process strategies that focus on quality and cost-effectiveness. Customized process solutions are part of Hoffmann's daily work, so we look forward to your request to take the next step together.

Electrical connection elements

Our customers from all conceivable areas of application rely on our decades of experience in the manufacture of electrical connection elements. our customers from all conceivable fields of application trust us. Whether simple plug-in and soldered contacts, press-fit zones or connecting elements already welded and assembled connection elements.

Stamped and bent parts

The precision and process stability of stamped-bent parts depends - besides the material and the bending geometry - very much on the bending process. Through our many years of further development of the bending process, we achieve the highest precision and consistent quality.

Punch package

The performance, ease of maintenance and service life of the die-cutting tool as well as the monitoring, packaging and post-pressing equipment downstream account for a large part of the quality and final price, in addition to the material used, especially in die-cutting packaging, allowing Hoffmann to play to its strengths.

Drawing parts

Whether drawn parts made of steel, stainless steel or non-ferrous metals, we are your contact when it comes to drawn parts on eccentric presses. For complex drawing dies, we are supported by the latest CAD software to get your project to the finish line on time.


Integrated processes


There are several ways to join sheets or sheet metal parts together in the stamping process (riveting, TOX®-Clinching, caulking and many more). An extremely durable and effective way is laser welding within the progressive die. Here, we rely on the market leader in terms of fiber lasers: IPG.


Our customers from all conceivable areas of application rely on our decades of experience in the manufacture of electrical connection elements. Whether simple plug-in and solder contacts, press-fit zones or connecting elements already welded and assembled in the stamping process. For us there is (almost) nothing that is impossible.


The use of state-of-the-art monitoring systems inside and outside the stamping process makes us your reliable partner for ever-increasing product requirements. All common sensors for tool monitoring up to 100% checks of dimensions or surfaces by means of camera systems are used by us and thus even enable a 0-defect rate depending on the requirements.


Of course, we take care of the traceability of your products according to your wishes and ideas. Whether lasered data matrix codes, punched identifiers or embossed identification numbers - we have the possibility and the know-how to guarantee the traceability of your products.

Feeding and mounting

The fewer work steps it takes to manufacture a stamping product, the more certainty there is that it will meet all requirements. That's why we focus on feeding additional components (nuts, springs, screws) directly into the stamping die. If there is a solution for this, we will find it.


To ensure further processing of your products, we will jointly reach a clear agreement on cleanliness requirements. We clean both internally and externally. Quality is monitored by an external laboratory in the process.


Implementing ideas consistently.

In the tool shop, we manufacture high-performance stamping tools in modular design for the entire Hoffmann Group as well as only for selected customers and, if required, also special setups of any kind. The individual parts for the tools are primarily manufactured in-house at Hoffmann, but also with carefully selected suppliers on an international basis. In order to remain competitive with the best quality, we pay attention to the greatest possible efficiency both internally and with our suppliers.

The assembly of the tools as well as the fine-tuning on the series presses is carried out by our well-trained and motivated employees exclusively in the main factory in Pforzheim itself. Thereby also the handling in the workshop with our 3D-CAD system in the tool shop is the current state.

Close and trusting cooperation with colleagues in design and also in production. Experience feedback and knowledge transfer from toolmaking back to design is a matter of course for us. At the same time, the tool shop is the heart of a company and also an excellent nucleus for innovations and the further development of the entire company.

Erosion center

Modern, well-maintained and highly accurate equipment allows for highly precise fabrication of individual parts for our tools.

Wire EDM is a modern method of metal machining. This technique is carried out with eleven modern machines from GF, four of which are machines with OilTech technology. In addition, the company has a high-quality Sodick die-sinking EDM machine and four start-hole EDM machines, three of which are GF and one Agema Germany.

Milling center

Modern, well-maintained and highly accurate equipment allows for highly precise fabrication of individual parts for our tools.

For this purpose we use two Hermle 5-axis machines for soft and partially hard machining, one Exeron HSC milling machine for hard machining and milling of hard metals.

Grinding center

Modern, well-maintained and highly accurate equipment allows for highly precise fabrication of individual parts for our tools.

For our grinding center we use two Amada Meister G3, seven Okamaoto surface grinders, two Jung surface grinders and one Amada GLS 150 GL optical grinder.

Hoffmann as a development partner

Consistently develop ideas further.

Innovations always start with an idea. We think customer ideas further and develop them into tools for small series through to high-performance punching tools for economical production. The dialog with the customer is of utmost importance. A contact person accompanies you in every phase of the production process and keeps you up to date with regular project plans.

Strong project management.

The dialog with the customer is of great importance. In each phase of the product realization process, a contact person will accompany you and - depending on the requirements - will always keep you up-to-date with regard to deadlines and quality through regular reporting. The early involvement of project management in customer projects and the resulting support, planning and control from the start of the order to the handover in series production make them a success. Communication between the individual locations is globally comprehensive, networked and standardized.