Hoffmann GmbH is an innovative, medium-sized, family-owned company operating worldwide.

Locations overview

Changzhou, China



2.500 m²



Automatic punching press

Mr. M.B.A Daniel Zarantonello

Plant management

Hoffmann Precision Metal Changzhou was founded in 2014. Currently, around 30 employees develop and manufacture stamped, drawn and bent parts on a production area of approx. 2,500 m² primarily for the Asian market. The leading design department and the leading tool shop in Germany ensure high-quality products.

Pforzheim, Germany



6.500 m²


Bruderer , Bihler, Haulick & Roos, EBU Unformtechnik

Automatic punching and bending machines

Ms. B.B.A Viviana Roth

Global management

Hoffmann GmbH has been located in Pforzheim since 1979 and develops and produces complex system solutions for the global market with more than 160 employees on 6,500 m². Pforzheim represents the lead development and lead plant function of Hoffmann GmbH. Central functions such as pre-development, process development, central quality department, sales as well as project management, controlling and the central HR department are located at the site.

Querétaro, Mexico



1.500 m²



Automatic punching press

Ms. B.B.A Viviana Roth

Global management

Hoffmann Precision Metal Mexico was founded in 2018 and has since developed into a successful company. Currently, the company employs about 10 people on a production area of about 1,500 m² stamping, drawing and bending parts, mainly for the NAFTA market.

The team

Vladimir S.

Know-How and technique distinguish Vladimir S. in his way of working. His accurate manner is reflected in the quality.

Thanh H.

"Cleanliness and order, as well as the pleasant working atmosphere, are reasons why I like working here. This also includes efficient communication within the company." Thanh H. leads the Erodier team in Germany. He is reliable, dedicated and a team player.

Tobias G.

"I appreciate the open, friendly interaction with my colleagues and superiors. The constant further development and sustained and healthy growth. All of this characterizes the Hoffmann company." Tobias G. is a true team player in toolmaking and a loyal soul for the Hoffmann company.

Sven K.

With his accuracy and reliability, Sven K. is an efficient employee in production.

Slav H.

Slav H. works in our production department. He has a keen eye for detail and is a great addition to the team.

Selina V.


"I really like the working atmosphere between colleagues. In addition, the different tasks in construction make the working day varied."

Robert K.

Project Management
Robert K. is part of our project management team. With his organizational and reliable nature, he manages customer projects very successfully.

Patrick G.

"What motivates me is the working atmosphere and seeing how the 3D model becomes the finished tool." Patrick G. has a passion for stamping tool technologies and is one of our employees in the design department.

Nicole M.

"I am happy to be part of the Hoffmann family". Nicole M. is responsible for the company's finances, which includes preparing invoices, processing incoming invoices and payroll.

Mona H.

Project Management
Mona H. is a goal-oriented project manager with years of experience in project management, including ensuring that all functions run efficiently, in compliance with the rules, and as smoothly and seamlessly as possible.

Markus L.

Working in design, Markus L. ensures that all functions of a mold run efficiently, in compliance with the rules, and as smoothly and seamlessly as possible.

Lilo G.

Lilo G. supports our logistics and production by material supply and scrap handling. This preparation is essential for a fluent production.

Jochen K.

"As an interface between sales and project management, I am motivated by the high level of responsibility, the flat hierarchies and the way we deal with changing requirements."

Evan R.

Precise work right from the start. Evan R. works in toolmaking, where craftsmanship and dexterity are required.

Daniel B.

"Our technology inspires me every day anew. In addition, I was well received and integrated on my first day. There is a great working atmosphere in the company and my colleagues pass on their know-how to me." His personal requirement is to always maintain and exceed the quality of our tools.

Certificates and approvals

IATF 16949 EN Certificate

ISO 14001:2015 Certificate

Customers, suppliers & strategic partners

Our claim is to serve the most diverse worldwide markets. As a result, we also have a large number of customers in various industries. Challenges drive us, so we are always looking for new development projects from a wide range of industries.

Our strategic partners include consulting companies, colleges, universities for strategic evaluations to continuously improve processes and technologies. As well as automation and machine control partners for further development of our production processes.

Efeso / ROI Consulting

The international consultancy EFESO / ROI supports us in the development of digitization concepts in connection with Industry 4.0, thereby bringing us closer to our vision of fully digitized manufacturing.


Together with KIT, we work with one of the leading universities in various fields, such as production engineering and organizational development. We thereby transfer theoretically developed concepts into practice and thus achieve a "win-win" situation.

Fraunhofer IAO

We regularly collaborate with the Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering on research projects in the field of "smart organization". The aim here is to develop solutions that enable the most efficient collaboration possible across the various locations.

Pforzheim University / Dual Universities

We maintain close relations with Pforzheim University as well as various dual universities in Karlsruhe and Stuttgart - especially in the fields of mechanical engineering, industrial engineering and business administration. Through our regular supervision of interns and thesis topics, we actively contribute to their education. Hoffmann makes intensive use of the dual university training program.

Chamber of Commerce and Industry

We have been providing training in a wide range of technical and commercial professions for over 40 years. Our graduates find optimal training conditions with us and regularly win awards.

History and development

500 sqm total area, a few
mechanical press machines, a
Bihler automatic press and various
grid machines - that was the company
from 1979 to 1988. However, the
decisive factor for the
sustainable growth of the company
was to become the acquisition of the customer
Bosch. The increasing
growth required the
move to Pforzheim in 1988 to the
industrial area Altgefäll, Gablonzer
Straße 15, 75181 Pforzheim.

2005 was an important year
for our company, in which
we expanded our production building
and increased our focus on
complex in-line assembly,
welding and deep drawing solutions
. These
expansions have helped us
strengthen and
further expand our position as
market leader.

The successful growth
of the company required the
move to the current location in 2012.
Hoffmann now has 3,000 sqm
of space at its disposal, and the
investment rate of
continuously 8% is far above the
industry average.

Foreign sales continue to rise
and customers
increasingly demand an
internationalization of the
company. With the removal in
2012 the company has already 82 MA
and gains - a
profitable turnover in the clearly
two-digit million euro range. In
the last years in the circle
of the partners the
generation change was accomplished.
100% of the share capital
is still owned
by the successor generation of the
families Roth and Kiesewetter -
an important prerequisite for
long-term thinking and acting.

Hoffmann GmbH founded Hoffmann Precision
Metal Changzhou in China
in 2014 and
Hoffmann Precision Metal in
Mexico in 2018 - both as 100%

Since 2020, there have been several
development partnerships with
global tier-
1 customers.

2022 Mrs. Viviana
Roth will take over the role of the global
management of the group
Hoffmann GmbH.